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Dental Bite Guard

woman holding a dental bite guard to protect her teeth

Have you ever had your partner tell you that you grind your teeth? Or wake up finding that your teeth hurt without you having a reason why? If so, you could be struggling with Bruxism, something that affects millions of adults across the UK.

Bruxism is the term used for teeth-grinding and luckily, with care from dental professionals like Beresford Dental Clinic, you can soon benefit from using a bespoke dental bite guard that will help prevent permanent damage to your teeth.

Teeth grinding can cause severe wearing down of your teeth, headaches, and jaw aches, as well as permanently damaging your smile. The problem is, that it is a slow process and can formulate over many years with the damage gradually appearing and then leaving you with significant problems that may cost lots of money to rectify. By opting for a dental bite guard, you can prevent the problems of tomorrow from happening today.

What is a dental bite guard?

A dental bite guard is a clever dental accessory that helps people struggling with bruxism. They work by keeping the upper and lower teeth apart and as a result, stop the wear that the teeth would otherwise encounter.

The bite plates of the guard allow for themselves to be worn down instead of the teeth, giving you more protection for your teeth and your partner a more consistent night’s sleep! With consistent wearing when you go to bed, you can say goodnight to toothache, headaches, jaw aches and damage to your teeth by using a dental bite guard. In some instances, you may see them referred to as night guards or Occlusal Splints, but they are the same product offering you the same level of dental protection as those listed as dental bite guards.

Should you feel you need one, contact our team to book a dental appointment, our professional assessment will be able to determine if you are struggling with bruxism and require a dental bite guard.

Finding the best dental bite guard

At Beresford Dental Clinic, we care about how we look after your teeth and work with you to ensure you have the support necessary to get the treatment or service you deserve.

We could advise you to purchase an off-the-shelf dental bite guard but that would potentially be causing your teeth more harm than good. These types of occlusal splints or dental mouth guards are not made to match the exact shape of your mouth or teeth and could see more damage caused by not sitting on your teeth correctly.

Instead, when you visit a dental specialist like Beresford Dental, you will be guided by a professional who can assess the exact damage the bruxism is causing your teeth. Our dental experts are then able to take a mould of your teeth so that a guard can be created purely for your use.

Qualities of a good dental bite guard

We only use the safest and highest quality materials to give you a durable and comfortable dental bite guard. Easy to clean, easy to insert or remove, and resistant to tears, a dental bite guard from the team at Beresford Dental Clinic is made with your comfort and dental protection in mind.

Dental bite guards for veneers and crowns

Grinding of teeth can severely wear them down and as it happens mainly in your sleep, it can be hard to know just how hard your teeth are rubbing together. This can be extremely damaging to veneers, crowns, and implants. The force of the bruxism can be so intense that the restorations or replacements can be completely destroyed or fractured. With the addition of a dental bite guard, this intense force is reduced enough to protect the teeth, whether real or not.

Dental bite guard reviews

For most, if not all, of the people who visit us due to bruxism, the use of a dental bite guard has seen a significant positive impact on their sleep, their dental care, their smile, and the frequency of head and jaw aches.

With it being a pain-free, surgery-free, side-effect-free form of dental treatment, many people struggling with grinding teeth welcome the introduction of a dental bite guard or Occlusal Splint to their dental care regimen. The only thing we, and many other dentists, hear regarding the use of them is that for the first few times of using, they can be a little uncomfortable. After a few nights of wearing them though, it is like it was never there!

Why not book an appointment with our team to get a detailed assessment of the care for your teeth that you may require? With a wide-ranging variety of dental treatments, including composite bonding, dental implants, fissure sealants, and more, our team can assist you with anything your teeth may need. Located in Victoria, London, we are ready to provide you with a premium service in the heart of London. And with us being open at weekends as well as during the evenings, our appointments are fully flexible to your work and family needs!

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