Jamie Norton:

Jamie presented with very crowded upper teeth and four premolar teeth had been removed years ago. Treatment commenced with two separate appliances on the inside of the upper teeth to expand the upper arch and the tooth positions perfected with tooth coloured brackets. Treatment took two years.

Jamie Norton Dental Case Study

Jamie Norton Dental Case Study2
Jamie Norton Dental Case Study3

Kay Ng:

Too much gum showed when smiling, the gums very swollen and the crowns too square. Kay presented with not so attractive crowns. Originally gaps were present between the teeth. The four front teeth were lengthened with minor gum surgery.

Kay Ng Dental Case Study

Kay Ng Dental Case Study2
Kay Ng Dental Case Study3

Lynette Herd:

Lynette presented with old unattractive bright crowns with metal and heavily filled teeth. With minor gum recontouring, covering of root surfaces with gum addition and new all ceramic natural shade crowns.

Lynette Herd Dental Case Study

Lynette Herd Dental Case Study2
Lynette Herd Dental Case Study3