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New Patient Consultations

New Patient Consultations

Your initial comprehensive examination will take about fifty minutes to allow us to take accurate and detailed diagnostic records to perform any future treatment to the highest standard of quality available today.

These records will include all or part of the following:

1. Gum disease depth measurements around each quadrant (each group of eight teeth to assess the level of gum disease).

2. Small x-rays showing the teeth under the gum as well as between the teeth that are not visible by the eye and one large x-ray giving a Panoramic view of all teeth and jaws.

3. Function and diagnosis of your jaw joint.

4. Present condition of each tooth – fillings, decay, crowns, cracks, etc.

5. Oral cancer exam.

6. Upper and lower impressions to make models of your teeth to:

a. Give us an exact replica of your teeth at present. b. Take measurements to see how much and why the teeth vary compared to natural forms and norms. c. Show the anticipated results by altering areas on these models.

Dr Beresford will study all of this information and in his own personal time, document your immediate treatment needs and compile a treatment plan breaking this down in full detail and in sequence of priority.

An orthodontic assessment would include much of the above with an additional x-ray of the side of your face to allow us to take measurements and make predictions.

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