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Teeth Whitening in London

Teeth Whitening

Discoloured and stained teeth can really knock our self-esteem. At The Beresford Clinic, we know how important it is for everyone to be happy and confident with their smile. We’re committed to ensuring everyone can take pride in their teeth, with professional teeth whitening in London.

There are many reasons why your teeth can lose their brightness, such as age, smoking, or eating and drinking food and drink that cause stains. If you’re unhappy with your teeth, and feel as though they’re not as white and bright as you want, our bespoke professional teeth whitening could be the solution.

How does professional teeth whitening work?

At The Beresford Clinic, we provide a bespoke home-based treatment kit, made for your measurements. We’ll take impressions of your teeth and then create custom whitening trays for you to take home. You’ll use these trays with whitening gels, wearing them for as long as your dentist advises, typically overnight for a few weeks.

Teeth whitening at home is a gradual process, but you could start to see the effects even after just a few days. After two weeks, you’ll be able to see the full effect, with your teeth potentially looking up to six shades whiter.

What are the benefits of professional teeth whitening?

One of the benefits of professional teeth whitening is that we use an effective teeth whitening gel. Some of the teeth whitening kits you can purchase from shops don’t include enough of the bleaching chemical to actually whiten your teeth. This could mean that it takes a long time to see an effect, if you see any effect at all. Our whitening gel will not only see quicker results, but it will be longer lasting too.

Another benefit of our professional teeth whitening is that the trays will be custom-made for your teeth. In-shop whitening kits will be mass produced on a “one size fits all” basis, which means they’ll likely cause discomfort and could even damage and move your teeth if you wear them for a long time. Our bespoke trays will fit comfortably in your mouth, without causing any stress on your teeth, meaning you can whiten your teeth easily.

Does teeth whitening damage your teeth?

Carbimide peroxide, the bleach used to whiten teeth, may produce microscopic changes in tooth enamel, however, this should not cause a problem when supervised by a professional dentist.

Our teeth whitening technique has been safely used by dentists for decades. Teeth whitening will only damage your teeth if used excessively or incorrectly, which is why it is advised to only whiten your teeth with the guidance of a dentist.

Is teeth whitening painful?

Teeth whitening should not be painful, but some people may find that their teeth have slightly increased sensitivity after the whitening process. Whether or not you experience sensitivity will depend on your teeth and also the concentration of the bleaching gel.

Sensitivity following the whitening process is normal and should disappear after 24 to 36 hours. You can also get special gels and pastes that will help to reduce any sensitivity following your teeth whitening.

Why choose The Beresford Clinic for your teeth whitening in London?

The Beresford Clinic is committed to giving you confidence in your smile. Our professional teeth whitening means you can whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home with bespoke whitening trays and, crucially, with the advice and guidance of a dentist.

We have extensive experience in all sorts of cosmetic dentistry, and our team has been trained in the latest techniques and trends to give you the best possible results. We’re committed to restoring and improving your teeth with beautiful, natural results every time.

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