Consultation: £83.00-£200

Simple examinations take about thirty minutes. Comprehensive examination will take about fifty minutes.

Hygienist: £103

We offer 30 minute and 45 minute appointments, priced at £75.00 and £103 respectively.

Whitening: £299

Home based treatment. We will provide bespoke beaching trays, based on impression and models taken of your teeth.

Orthodontics: £700-£7,500

Treatment can take from about three months to over two years. Price varies depending on case complexity, and brace appliance used. This can be confirmed after an initial patient assessment.

Veneers: £1,000-£1,380

We offer both single tooth replacement, and whole mouth ceramic veneers, using completely natural shades, constructed by the most highly skilled technicians in Europe.

Root Canal: £450-£920

Can be over one or two visits depending on complexity and tooth.

Single Implant Placement Only: £1,400

Does not include large x-rays and scans. Bone augmentation materials from £350.

Implant placement, bespoke abutment, natural shade ceramic crown from £2,800. Treatment over five months.

Fillings: £160-£500.00

Natural shade resin bonded restorations.

Crowns: £990.00-£1,380.00

We offer crowns, constructed by the most highly skilled technicians in Europe.