“The results speak for themselves. I receive many compliments on my teeth and the transformation. Some friends can no longer recall how they looked prior to my treatment”
Jamie Norton

“Graeme is very good at what he does, but his ethical practices are what stands out to me the most! He didn’t hesitate to change his original dental plan when he didn’t think the benefits were worth it. It spared me of unnecessary risks and pain”
Kay Ng

“I have been Graemes patient for 12 years and my teeth and gums have never been in better condition. I had a number of my teeth crowned for cosmetic reasons and I have every confidence in Graeme who is passionate about his work and took time and care to ensure the best result”
Lynette Herd

“I have been a client since 1995 and am very happy with dental care provided by Dr Beresford. Treatments as well as cosmetic improvements (veneers).  He uses the best and newest equipment and materials.  This dentist was a real find for me after years of searching, and I highly recommend him to my friends and family”
Elena Merkoulova